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When do I get my tax receipt?
Tax receipts are issued via email by February 28th of the following tax year. Please ensure that your contact information is up-to-date and email our Office Team at [email protected] with any changes.

In whose name is the tax receipt issued?
Starting 2013, all tax receipts will be issued to the “Main Payer” on the child’s account. If you do not designate one, we will do so based on your payment history. This is in accordance with recommended accounting practice in this field.

What are my payment options?
Pre-authorized payments are required for regular monthly fees. Please contact the office if alternate arrangements are required.
**Please note: Due to the PAD system, cheques are required for deposits.

What is your Termination Policy?
A registration will only be terminated if payment has not been made for two consecutive months and the parent(s) is/are unresponsive.

How and when can I put my child on the waitlist?
We accept waitlist registrations for children who are currently in Kindergarten or older.

For children entering kindergarten, waitlist registration opens the November prior to their anticipated September start date.

To put your child’s name on the waitlist, you must send the waitlist application which can be found under the ‘Wait List’ tab to [email protected].

How old do I have to be to volunteer?
You have to be at least 16 years of age to apply for a volunteer position. The age requirement is non-negotiable.

What is a member and what is a non-member?
To qualify as a member, your child must be currently registered with a parent deposit in place and have paid the membership fee for the current year. If your child is registered at JKC as a drop-in with a parent deposit in place and has paid his/her membership fee, he/she is considered a member. Children that attend only during the winter, spring and/or summer breaks are considered non-members. Membership fees are only accepted for currently registered children and are mandatory to be considered a member.

How and when can I cancel my registration?
Registration cancellations and requests to decrease care are required to submit a written notice on or before the last calendar day of the month prior to the child’s final month of enrollment. For example, if you would like to decrease or terminate child care effective May 1st, notice of this change or termination must be received on or before March 31st. If the change is to be effective mid-month (i.e.: May 15th), notice is still required on or before the last calendar day of the month prior to the child’s final full month of enrollment (i.e.: notice by March 31st for April as the last month of enrollment). If the required notice is not given, the monthly fee must be paid in lieu of notice.

Can I split a registration space between my two children?
We are unable to permit shared spaces for children as this option can cause many inconsistencies in our program.

During the summer, what should I pack with my child?
Please pack a hat, sunscreen and a water bottle on a daily basis. We serve lunch and snacks but if your child tends to get hungry or has a food allergy, we highly recommend packing extra food. An extra change of clothing can also be beneficial. Otherwise, the weekly schedule will alert parents to pack any specialty items such as swimming or outdoor apparel.