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Parent Advisory Board

Jericho Kids’ Club has a rich history of parent and family involvement. In 1987-88, a group of parents created Jericho Kids’ Club and established a Parent Advisory Board. This committee helps set goals, influences the philosophy of the centre, and advises and directs future action taken by the centre. On March 28th, 2006 Jericho Kids’ Club incorporated in its own right as Jericho Kids’ Club Child Care Society. The Parent Advisory Board became the licensee for the Jericho Kids’ Club Child Care Society and has the legal and fiduciary responsibility for the organization under the Societies Act.

Board members meet approximately six times per year to review financial statements, set goals, and advise and direct future action taken by the centre, including but not limited to; policies and procedures, wages, fees and other occurrences that may affect the operations of the Society.

The Parent Advisory Board is comprised of the Executive Director and parents from Bayview, General Gordon and Southlands schools. Directors of the Parent Advisory Board are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M). All parents who have paid the annual membership fee are members of the Society and eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting.


2023/2024 Parent Advisory Board


Tricia Murray
Bayview Representative

William Chan
Southlands Representative


Andrea VandenEnden
Bayview Representative

Members at Large

Simon Farrington
General Gordon Representative

Stefan Avall
General Gordon Representative

Wesley Wong
J.K.C. Representative