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Staff Team

All staff of Jericho Kids’ Club are carefully selected for their attitudes and abilities in relation to their work in the child care field. References from previous employers are checked. All staff members have current first aid training and have completed a Criminal Records Search. Part-time staff have a minimum of 20 hours training in child development, guidance and health and safety. Full-time staff are also required to have or obtain formal education in child care. Jericho Kids’ Club supports all staff members to pursue ongoing professional development opportunities.

Office Administration:

Wesley Wong – Executive Director
Natalie Ho – Program Manager

Program Coordinators:

Candace Mangone – General Gordon
Indygo Heim – General Gordon
Lucas Setek – Southlands
Nikole Sae Ho – Bayview
Samantha Ko – Bayview

Program Leaders:

Alejandra Livingston Pearson
Anna Rioux

Blessy Rivera

Cameron Chan

Chelsea Burchett

Chloe Baknes

Claire Stewart

Clare Bognot

Courtney Ostromecki

Daniel Hau

Ella Sae Ho

Emma MacLeod

Ethan Chung

Graham Roberts
Joanna Chan

Johaan Do

Kelly Wong

Kimberly Chan

Marie Benson

Meghan Camplin

Micaela Taing

Molly Mickelson

Natalie Matthew

Rayyan Basheer

Sarah Azad Manjiri

Shelby Worrall

Stella Fraser

Sydney Ellis

Theekshitha Vadladi

Thomas Collins

Victoria Malolepszy