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Jericho Kids’ Club is committed to providing a quality program, based on social emotional learning that is fun! Staff members work with families to establish programs and routines that meet the needs of all children, families and the centre.

We offer before and after school care programs at Bayview Community School, Southlands Elementary, and General Gordon Elementary. Before and after school care includes care in the mornings and afternoons on regular school days and full-day care on Professional Development Days.

Our program planning process is an emergent, program model involving input from children, staff, families and community.

Emergent planning arises naturally from interactions in the child-adult environment. It connects learning with experience and prior learning. It responds to the interests of the children rather than focusing on a narrow, individual or calendar driven topic. It is process rather than product-driven. Observation and discussion with the children is a means of obtaining both positive and negative feedback – feedback that can be used as a learning tool for future plans. A key element in successful program planning is incorporating essential values and experiences. Three activity domains (group games, self-directed social play, fine/creative arts) are offered each day. Social values can be modeled and experienced in an inclusive and supportive environment


Our goals are to:

  • recognize each child as competent and full of potential
  • model appropriate behavior
  • encourage children to understand and develop guiding principles foundational to a positive group environment
  • supervise children at all times.

Staff will be proactive to effectively develop children’s positive behaviour. Proactive steps include:

  • establishing clear and realistic expectations and boundaries with input from children
  • establishing natural and logical consequences with input from the children
  • offering activities and events that are age and ability appropriate
  • working closely with families, when necessary, to help children develop their own critical thinking skills.

Primary Caregiver Model (PODS)

The POD model, when fully integrated into a program, mimics relationship dynamics present in a family setting. Children within a POD (usually 8 – 12 children) become familiar with a consistent pod leader that is responsible for:

  • Daily sign in of children
  • Daily discussion with POD group about the days activities, goals and meals.
  • Ensures each child has consistent access to delicious food and water, a comfortable and vibrant environment and most importantly daily connection with a responsible adult (daily greeting, informal discussions, active listening)
  • Offer daily programming with a focus on fine and gross motor skill development, conflict resolution, academic support (quiet study space), social and emotional skills and techniques.

When the POD model is offered consistently and with intention, the result is the development of meaningful relationships that provide valuable social and emotional development for all children enrolled at JKC.

Operating Hours

Jericho Kids’ Club is open from Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. We are closed on weekends, statutory holidays and from Christmas Eve through New Years’ Day. In the event that Jericho Kids’ Club is not able to operate at any of its regular locations due to issues out of its control (labour disruption, natural disaster, safety concerns etc.), attempts will be made to operate a full or modified program at alternate locations. If alternate programming is available, fees for additional hours of care may be charged. If Jericho Kids’ Club is unable to operate, the following refund policies will be in effect:

  1. There will be no refunds if the closure is limited to 2 days.
  2. Thereafter, refunds of the parent portion of the fee will be given for non-operational days, based on the actual daily rate for the level of registration (daily rates will be calculated based on 20 days per month for full-time).