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To be considered for registration in any of our before and after school care programs, your child MUST first be registered for our waitlist.

To register for our waitlist, please complete the Waitlist Form (click here) and submit by email to Please note that as of September 2020 we will no longer require families to submit a waitlist fee with their application.

You DO NOT need to submit duplicate forms or payments to be added to the waitlist for multiple programs.

Waitlist registrations are accepted up to 1 year prior to the expected start date. New kindergarten waitlist applications will be accepted on the first day of school one year in advance. For children starting kindergarten in September 2022, the earliest date to submit waitlist applications will be September 7th 2021.

The availability of new spaces each year depends on attrition of the previous year’s members and spaces available within an age group. We are unable to offer new spaces until after current members have submitted their registration for the new school year.

Offers of Space

Following the current member re-registration period, and throughout the year, assessments are made to determine if any additional space is available. Waitlisted families may be offered spaces depending on the child’s age, school and/or the requirements of the Client Service Agreement. Waitlist registration is also prioritized according to the date the waitlist form is received and the above policies. When a space is offered, the family will be given 2 business days to respond. If the family fails to respond or if the offer is declined, the space will be offered to the next appropriate family. Families who choose not to accept an offer of space may request to defer their application for one additional year. If the enrolment offer is accepted, the family will have one week to complete registration documents and pay all applicable fees. Please note: It is impossible for us to predict when spaces may become available. We are governed by a Child Care Facilities License capacity at each location and individual capacity in each program space. When programs are at capacity, space only becomes available when a child is withdrawn from the program. Due to the complexity of the criteria it may not be possible to give individuals a specific determination of their position on the waitlist. Waitlist positions may fluctuate based on priority factors, the age of the child and the individual program availability.

Priority is given to:

• Returning children currently attending the program.

• Siblings of children previously and currently enrolled in the centre.

• Children who attend Bayview Community School, General Gordon Elementary and Southlands Elementary schools.

• Children entering Kindergarten.

• Children who have previously been enrolled at Jericho Kids’ Club.

• Children who currently attend another school but have previously been enrolled at Jericho Kids’ Club.

• Children with extra support needs as reflected in the Client Service Agreement with Supported Child Development. To be eligible for enrolment in the program under the Client Service Agreement or a General Service Contract, a child must have Range 2 or 3 needs and have an open Special Needs file with Supported Child Development. Registration priority is according to the above policies, with current families having first option during early member sign up each year. If families do not return registration packages during the member sign-up period it will be assumed that they do not require care for the following school year.