2018 Awesome Summer Adventure!


Our summer program is now full! Please email Cecily at cecily@jerichokidsclub.com for waitlist inquiries.


Summer 2018 Schedules: Week at a Glance

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9


Download your 2018 General Registration Form here. Completed registrations and payment can be submitted in person to our office at Bayview, or by email to cecily@jerichokidsclub.com. 

Check out the calendar below!

*Note: Calendar is subject to change.

Summer Calendar 2018


Look below at the comments we received from last year’s fantastic summer program! 

  • “I’ve been asking children all summer what their favourite trip was so far and Splashdown was it, RIP Splashdown!”
  • “My favourite moment this summer was when we went to Science world and we watched the cold show. Science World in general was great, being able to see the children excited about all the things they had never seen, but also the conversation brought up by the whole experience.”
  • “Playing tag at the pool and going down the black hole slide. Both were enthusiastically organized or encouraged by the kids themselves, letting them guide how to spend the day.”
  • “Balloon workshop/face painting /Tie Dye/”mini Olympic games” (badminton, mini golf, volleyball, soccer, long jump, races, etc.) with the children. I thought it was positive to take advantage of the event and address some topics such as healthy competition, healthy sportsmanship and cultural diversity.”
  • “When the kids could take something as simple as a cardboard box, and manage to build a pretend play situation that lasted for hours and kept them entertained for a large chunk of time. Watching the kids create elaborate games out of almost nothing!”
  • “I loved all of the spontaneous trips to the park, the beach and of course for Pokemon Go. The children and staff were able to create day plans together that encapsulated their interests.”