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Snow Day Policy and Procedure

Hello Parents,

As winter approaches, and this “Arctic Outflow” looms, we want to remind everyone that at all JKC centres we follow the VSB’s school closure practices. This means that if your school is closed, then so is JKC.

Taken directly form the VSB’s website (

Information about any district-wide closures will be sent to Metro Vancouver radio and television stations. Please check the following stations for school closure information (but do not call them):



CBC AM 690 radio, 88.1 FM Global BC
CKNW AM 980 radio CBC TV
News AM 1130 radio CTV BC
Fairchild AM 1470 radio City TV

Individual school closures due to unique circumstances (e.g. power outages) will be announced as early as possible on the district website as well as on the affected schools’ websites. On occasion, schools may delay the start of the school day; if this happens, specific details will be posted on the school and district websites.

In the rare event one of our schools is open, but the others are closed, we will not be able to accommodate out-of-school kids at the open centre.
Also, as referenced above, if school-opening is delayed, or if kids are let out early due to worsening conditions, we would be closed in accordance with this policy (school engineers would be shutting down locking, and alarming buildings, effectively barring us from entry).
Please check the news and the VSB website for updates.