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September 2017 RE-Registration Begins Monday, May 1st!

Just when you thought your child care paperwork was at a stand still…

September 2017 current member RE-registration begins on Monday, May 1st and will be open for only two weeks! Closing date is May 12th.

As per norm, spaces are competitive and in high demand. Your diligence in submitting your RE-registrations will not only be given the most upmost appreciation but it will also secure your child(ren)’s space(s) in our 2017 program. Late RE-registration submissions will be treated on a case-by-case basis (dependent on the reason) as to whether your space request can be fully honoured (or a portion thereof).  Unclaimed spots will be offered to our wait listed applicants after the May 12th closing date.

Forms will be available on the website as of the end of the day on Friday, April 28th and paper packages will be available in the program on Monday, May 1st if you are unable to download a copy. Download your RE-registration package HERE.

Please understand that we want to ensure that all families have registered or have informed us otherwise, so staff will be communicating with parents at a higher than regular capacity.
It’s also important for us to know if you are not planning on returning! Thus, please let your coordinators (Siobhan, Wesley, Sarah, and Cecily) know your September plans if you cannot reach an office staff.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the office!

Thank you!
Vimi (acting and previous Administrative Coordinator)