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Important Dates for Summer and September Re-registration

Hello Parents, Some important dates- For Currently Registered Members:

  • Early Bird Summer reg open April 8th, and goes until April 22nd. After the 22nd, all registrations received will be at the full rate and subject to competition for space (i.e. not guaranteed).
  • September 2016 re-registration opens May 2nd, and closes May 13th. As with the above, any re-reg received after the deadline may be waitlisted behind incoming members already on our waitlist.

For General Public/ New JKC Families/ Non-regularly Registered Members (e.g. Drop-in Only):

  • Summer reg opens April 25th, and will remain open until spaces are filled.
  • September 2016 reg will open May 24th. For those of you on our waitlist, this is the earliest you can expect to hear from us with an offer for space.

Forms will be available online and in the program by the dates listed. We remind you that these deadlines are necessary for us to plan activities and offer spaces to incoming families, so we will have to adhere to these dates regardless of your status at JKC. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Regards, Beau.