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Jericho Kids’ Club General Gordon Seismic Project: Family Information February 2014

We have been aware from the outset of this project that the funding envelope agreed to by the provincial government covers only costs directly related to education. Any costs related to JKC and its services are fully our responsibility. It is important to note that we continue to actively work with VBE to pursue cost economies through collaboration. An example of this is that we have confirmed an excellent contract with VBE for the physical move of our equipment and supplies which will occur during the same time frame as the school equipment is moved.

Over time, JKC has accrued funds that may be used in circumstances such as this. The funds are set aside as a Board Designated Reserve. Any expenses applied to the reserve must be approved by the JKC Parent Advisory Committee acting as the Board of Directors for the Jericho Kids’ Club Child Care Society.

The overall goal is to maintain the existing fee structure across the organization for all JKC families. The JKC Board is currently developing the 2014/15 budget and at this point it is anticipated that additional costs related to this project will be financed from our reserves and separated from our operating budget. Any changes in the operating budget will not be because of this project. We will review this continuously as we move forward in the process.

The Plan so Far
At this time there is very little in the way of confirmed information. All parties are now in the detail stage of their individual planning while understanding that all the pieces need to fit together as well. There are many aspects to the project and it is very much a team effort as we work to ensure optimum outcomes for all.

Spaces at both locations have been identified and viewed by ourselves, licensing and members of the project team. Further details cannot be determined until the school has confirmation of its expected number of students and their grades. When that is clearer, decisions will be made regarding which grades will be located at the Queen Elizabeth Main School and Annex sites. JKC will confirm its program sites after that.

Program and Transportation
AM: Due to the challenges of the split site it does not seem practical for us to operate a before school program at Queen Elizabeth. Historically, use of morning care has been 20 children or less. Quite a few of those arrive after 8:30. We expect that families who arrive later will be able to access the scheduled school buses directly from the Gordon pick-up point. The school start time for Gordon Students at Queen Elizabeth is also expected to be earlier. Based on current use of morning care we are proposing that Gordon families who require care before 8:30 or so, may be able access care at our Bayview location. The confirmation and timing of this will depend on confirmation of school and bus schedules.

PM: We are also looking at bringing Gordon students back to the Bayview location at the end of the day. We feel that this will provide a secure indoor site for children to wait for their pick-up. This has been approved in principal by our licensing officer.

These plans will rely on a supporting transportation schedule.

We have been working on a tentative plan for JKC that we will forward to VBE and request to have it included as part of the full contract. As noted previously we fully understand that service related to JKC will be at our cost and have planned for that.

In order to start the planning process we have used historical trends and more detailed information from the current school year. The information used is taken directly from the daily sign in/out sheets over the period of a few months.

AM: As noted, families who require care earlier will have the option of coming to Bayview and being transported from there. We are hoping that the school bus will be able to do a second pick up at this location.

PM: Part of the good news here is that we do have significant experience with booking buses! However, as noted this is still very much in the planning stages and detail will not be confirmed until the RFP for VBE has been tendered and awarded. Our best case scenario is that we will use the same bus company as VBE and contract for the additional JKC service towards the end of the day.

We do not anticipate having multiple options at the end of the day. Parents will have the option of picking up at any time between 3 and up to the designated bus pick up time at the Queen Elizabeth sites.

There will most likely be a bus or buses that will pick up from both Queen E. sites sometime between 5:15 and 5:30pm in order to get the children back to Bayview before 6:00pm. We plan to have some staff travel with the afternoon bus.

We realise that the change in location may change the patterns of use that we see currently. This is also a minimum of a 2 year period. There will be a need for continual monitoring in case adjustments are required.

We understand that change is not easy and whatever plan we go forward with will not work perfectly for every family. Our goal is to support as many families as possible most of the time!