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GG JKC December Newsletter

Dear Families,

We have a number of important events and activities to share with you as the end of first term together approaches!

Pro D Day – Monday, December 5th

Younger Kids will be boarding a big yellow school bus and head to Silvercity Riverport (Richmond) to see Disney’s newest feature length film, Moana. We will be serving chicken noodle soup, veggies and dip, and a choice of bagel and cream cheese or cheese sandwich for lunch.  We are also excited to get the kids to a special holiday treat – we will be ordering a kid’s movie tray for each child at the theatre to celebrate our wonderful first term together!

Lunch: 11-11:30a

Depart JKC: 11:40a

Return to JKC: 4:30p


Older Kids will take a local trip to the candy store (by special request!) and stay at the centre for a pizza lunch and a holiday movie.  The group is welcome to bring toys, games, and electronics from home for this especially cozy day.

Depart JKC: 11a

Lunch: 12p

Movie Time: 1p-3p


The Winter Concert Series at General Gordon

We would like to inform you as best as we can about how we will be impacted by the winter concerts set to happen in our shared space.  It is the first year, of course, navigating how we will share space as the school sets up, rehearses, and delivers their wonderful concerts.  We are planning for a modified program for the whole week (Dec 6-9th). So far, we have made plans to have programs operate in the following ways:

Kindergarten: half set-up of the multipurpose room (our regular space)

Grade 1-2: half of the gym and library

Grade 3-6: second floor pod, staff room, and classrooms

Your child will be served snack and store his/her belongings in these ‘homebase’ areas.  Please make sure that your child is dressed for cold weather play-we intend to play outside as much as possible on these days. We are planning to show a movie in the library on Wednesday, December 7th (the day of the dress rehearsal) from 3:15p-5p. Wish us luck!


JKC Hot Chocolate Party

Please join us on Wednesday, December 14th from 4:30p-5:30p for our casual family get-together and hot chocolate party.  Grab a printed invitation from one of us and RSVP if you can come.  Siblings most welcome!


Donation Wish List

We would like to thank the many families that donated toys, games, and equipment to us this term.  We have even received a new Christmas tree!  We have updated our list at your request, and thank you in advance for thinking of us as you donate your goods.

-Wood scraps, hammers, nails, washers, screws

-tennis balls and sports equipment of all kinds

-play figurines (animals, calico critters, littlest pet shop…)

-cars and trucks

-sand toys

-board games

-chess sets

-lego and playmobil

-wooden blocks

-art material and paper


-pashmina scarves

-spare clothes (mostly pants) in size 5,6,7,8


-spices, garlic press, rolling pins, interesting kitchen gadgets (for playdough)

-sewing materials

-an ipad (we can dream…)


Some changes in the New Year..

I have hopefully had a chance to speak to each of you about my family’s exciting news – Beau and I are expecting a baby girl in early March! I look forward to letting you know who will be taking on the General Gordon Coordinator position while I’m away, and I will send out special notification when these wheels are set in motion.