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2014 Tax Receipts

Hello Parents,

A quick heads up that 2014 tax receipts will be emailed out this week to the email addresses of the “Primary Payer” for each child. If you’ve changed your email address in the last couple of years, there is a good chance that we do not have it on file. Please make sure that we have your preferred contact info on file so that you receive your receipt on time.

Also, a reminder that our policy (and software limitations) dictates that one receipt is generated per child (or family), and the recipient named on the receipt is that child’s “Primary Payer”. Please note that separate receipts are not required in order for parents to claim individual amounts as a tax benefit. Total childcare fees, regardless of payer name, can be shared by multiple claimants, providing the total amount does not exceed that of the original receipt.

Happy Tax-Filing 😉