Winter Break Registration and Pro-d Day Plans

As you may have noticed, winter break registration has been going for a week now. If you are interested, and you haven’t had a chance to get your form in, please check with your Program Coordinators (Sarah, Cecily, Siobhan, or Kate) for a paper copy, or go to .Spots are currently available, but will be limited, so get those in soon.

This pro-d day coming up on December 5th (Monday) has multiple plans for different centres:

  • GG and BV KC and YK are going to Silvercity Riverport to see Moana.
  • BV OK are going swimming at Hillcrest.
  • GG OK are heading to the candy store and doing an in-centre movie day.
  • SL has a pajama day in-centre with holiday crafts.

Please check in-program for departure and return times.