Subscriber List Up and Running

Hi Parents, Please subscribe to our email list so that you can receive reminders of registration dates and program updates. We’ll still use the blog, especially for program-specific things, but it’s a great idea to get on the list so you’re covered on those essential registration deadlines. Do it now! Another email regarding winter break care is coming soon.

GG Bus Updates

We are now into our second full month of bussing and have had a good period of service to collect some statistics and to review and tweak our procedures. Both the AM and PM busses are working well with anywhere between 13 and 24 users daily and the majority of days carrying an average of 17 children per trip. We have refined our bus specific sign in and sign out sheets to ensure that we have secure monitoring and records of bus travelers. In order to ensure efficient transfers and to keep the PM drop off at Bayview as safe…

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Information Updates for September 2014

Strike Issues Along with all of you we are watching, waiting and hoping for a resolution to the teachers strike before September 2nd. In the meantime we are working on some tentative plans in case that does not happen. We cannot confirm anything until the school principals return next Monday. As with the situation in June we require the full support of the principals who very kindly opened and closed the schools for us. We are also in a different position with regards staffing. In June, our student staff were already finished their academic year and able to take on…

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