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Get your kids in the know…now!  Teaching Kids News is a Canadian website created to educate elementary school kids on current events, politics, entertainment, science, arts, sports and more!  Articles are written by highly qualified school teachers and journalists and are written for a community audience – parents/guardians, teachers and children – for personal, educational or pedagogical purposes.  Read the news together, have discussions and empower your children to create their own opinions on global issues and enhance their literacy at the same time!

Kids these days!

Be sure to check out CBC’s Doc Zone tonight – February 23rd – at 9:00pm.  The documentary, “Sextup Kids” will be airing and bringing you inside of the minds of the kids you are trying to raise in this media-driven world.  Get an insight on what your child faces every day.  Click HERE to see a promo video!

Vancouver 4 Kids

Kids Vancouver is a resource on what to do with kids in the Vancouver area. Activities, directory, kid swap meets, playgroups, attractions, animals, farms, indoor play centres, shopping, services, children’s resources, family events, birthday party entertainers and venues. You’ll be sure to find creative and exciting adventures for you and your family to enjoy right here at!

Older Kids Get Poetic.

Talent and expression is strongly encouraged at JKC so we’d like to take this opportunity to commend the lovely written works of Amber Caughlan and Yarra Hassan from our Bayview Older Kids program.  Check out what they’ve got to say… Stay tuned for more creative creations from our programs!

Get in Tune.

Don’t you wanna see what your kids are doing at JKC? The Older Kids’ Program at Bayview embarked on an adventurous scavenger hunt around downtown during Spring Break 2008. These kooky kids shook hands with friendly new people, did push-ups in retail stores, posed with statues, mimicked window mannequins, performed for speakers’ corner, took an inside tour of a police car (by request of course!), danced in a hotel lobby and much, much more! Groups of four travelled together with a staff and explored how spending time with their friends and enjoying Vancouver’s simplest pleasures can be so much fun…and…

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JKC is raising the bar…

Jericho Kids’ Club (JKC) wants to bridge the gap between its three fabulous centres, its amazing staff, its wonderful parents and its awesome kids…so welcome to JKC’s blog!  Please visit us for updates on events, registration, holidays, news, pics, videos and, most importantly, your feedback.  We will do our best to keep you posted with weekly information so that you’re always “in the know” and if you have anything to add, post a comment…we’d love to hear from you!