Kindercare Switch

Starting Monday, February 1st, all Kindercare groups will be switching from morning care to afternoon care and vice versa.  If your child will now be attending General Gordon Kindergarten in the morning, he/she must be dropped off at General Gordon school for morning care instead of Bayview.  If your child will be attending General Gordon Kindergarten in the afternoon, he/she must be dropped off at Bayview School for morning care instead of General Gordon.  If you need further clarification of where your child should be and/or where he/she should be dropped off/picked up, please email us at  Thank you!

Got olympic care?

The olympics will be upon us in 30 days!  We will be business as usual during this time.  Extended care will not be offered and families should look into alternative care if they are in need of child care past our 6:00pm closing time.  Please make sure you have pre-arranged alternate pick-ups if your schedule will be later than usual.   NOW is the time to get it together!