Summer Sk8ers!

skateThe General Gordon (GG) Older Kids program has turned into quite the skateboard camp over the summer of 2009! It all started at the beginning of the summer when a couple of the kids decided to bring in their skateboards. It didn’t take long before several of the other kids caught on and were bringing their own skateboards. Pretty soon, every summer day was another skate jam at GG!

With the help and guidance of our fearless leader Tyler and the help of his trusty sidekick Rhett (both previous skateboarders), ramps and rails were brought over to GG and it wasn’t long ’til the kids were grinding, sliding and ollieing their way to the pros.

As a treat, Cassandra was able to contact her friend and professional skateboarder, Tony Ferguson, who dropped by one Friday afternoon to show the kids some of his sick moves. The kids were ecstatic to see Tony kick flip, heel flip, ollie varial, slide the rail and ollie over a chair! If that wasn’t enough, Tony also brought in a skateboard deck from his company “ALIFE” and had an ollie competition to see who could ollie the “highest and cleanest”. To our amazement, Sam Whately, who just started skateboarding at the beginning of July, was able to prove just how much he’s learned and how much effort he’s put into learning the difficult sport by ollieing the highest and winning the skateboard…Great Job Sam!

For more info on Tony Ferguson and what the Vancouver pro is up to these days check him out here.