Dear Families


Wow! I can’t believe it’s already September again and the start of another school year! I would like to start off by welcoming new and returning families and friends and to another wonderful and hopefully exciting year at JKC Southlands. I am very pleased and excited to be back to be returning for my third year as the Program Coordinator at JKC Southlands.


This year at we are focusing on fine-tuning our skills in practicing the primary care-giver framework by amping up our POD systems. We are emphasizing more structured group games and creative arts programs, as well as community engagement and leadership. You also may have noticed that the space has been more officially divided into an older kids space which resides behind the bi-fold wall, and a younger kids space in the remaining space.


As always, we have questions about donations to our program. We are happy to accept new or used items from families. Right now, I am on the look for:


•       Books


•       Costumes


•       Games (Chess Set/Checkers/Large Cards)


•       Sensory Toys


I am looking forward to an awesome year!


Siobhan Hyde