Dear Families,

I would like to welcome new families as well as returning families and friends and to another wonderful and exciting year at JKC Southlands! I am very pleased to be returning for another full school year as Southlands Coordinator! As the new school year begins I would like to bring awareness to some policy changes around gun play and Southlands specific JKC trading policy.


Gun Play Policy Guidelines:

  • The context of the game must be shared with each other and with staff for agreement and approval. Children are encouraged to play games that do not involve shooting humans or other living things.
  • Clear guidelines and expectations must be discussed and agreed upon, including but not limited to: a designated area, who is playing, if shooting each other is agreed upon, or not and what will happen if agreed terms are broken.
  • Weapons play is restricted to those who have agreed to play – no-one outside of that can be targeted and using items constructed within the program except with explicit discussion, guidelines and planning for a specific activity (example – nerf guns).
  • If children use weapon play in an unsafe or unfriendly way and are unable to resolve issues they may be asked to stop the game.



  • There is no trading at JKC Southlands.
  • If children wish to trade the trade must take place outside of JKC and with parent permission and knowledge.


As it is September and the start of new school year I thought I would take some time to go over some health and safety thing regarding things such as head lice, spare clothing, and sunscreen. Head lice is something that does happen at least once a year here at JKC. There are ways to decrease the likelihood of spreading lice: not sharing hats, hair ties, and hair brushes.


In terms of Kinder Care we ask that all parents provide a spare pair of clothes in a plastic bag to be left in their cubby in case an accident occurs.
Last but not least, sunscreen, the weather predictions are that the next few months are going to be very warm. It is my obligation to inform all parent that we need to put sunscreen on your children before going outside, if your children have reaction or prefer a certain type please feel free to provide it.


Looking forward to an awesome year!