General Gordon


Dear Families,

I’m so excited to welcome you back to this very special back-to-school season at JKC General Gordon! We are thrilled to be operating in your brand new building alongside the wonderful school administrators and teachers.


Welcome to our newest families, beginning your childcare journey with us this year:


My name is Kate Mitchell and I am the Program Co-ordinator for Jericho Kids Club at General Gordon. I have 3 wonderful children, 10 year-old Joh’nell, 5 year-old Romeo, and 3 year-old Allie, with my husband Beau (that’s right, JKC’s Beau!). I have worked at JKC for nearly 15 years now in various capacities, including the opening of our centre at Southlands Elementary School in 2002, the delivery of Community Programs over the years at both Bayview and General Gordon, as well as operating the temporary sites at the Queen Elizabeth Schools during the seismic upgrade process. I am thrilled to guide you and your children through their first experiences in our programs this fall.


Our first week together


What an exciting time! We definitely still have more questions than answers as we navigate a brand new environment and build new routines. We will do our best to answer all of your questions, but we are definitely learning new systems as we go!


Our New Environment:


We have unpacked our boxes and we are ready to roll…sort of! We have yet to determine which doors we will be using for pick up, how the partition between the programs will work (or when it will arrive), how much access to the gym we will have, and so on. We will share all of our routines and information as they are sorted out– watch for emails, posted signs, as well as paper handouts as we get all of this worked out.


We will also be putting strong emphasis on care for our new space and expect all children to be stewards of our equipment and materials. We invite you to spend some time in the centre, and observe how it is set up and organized. Please encourage your child to return materials to their spot, recycle art scraps, and store their materials for next time – our toys and equipment will last a long time if we all care for them as if they are our very own.


Donations and Contributions:


We are often asked if we are interested in donations. The short answer is YES! We are happy to give your old playthings a new home and many of you have given us these wonderful gifts – thank you!


We are currently looking some specific items:

  • Small cars
  • Tech decks
  • Doll clothes
  • Animal figurines
  • Playmobil
  • Building toys (blocks, knex)
  • Lego and Lego minifigures
  • Board games
  • Table top foosball or billiards
  • Items from your home culture or world travels– fabrics, figurines, recipes, artwork
  • Books and comics
  • Art materials


Families can also contribute with their time and skills – JKC Parent Board, specialty workshops, party prep (Halloween, Christmas, End of Year), and potluck food at events.




In the first few weeks, I would like to take a few minutes with you and your child to review our program philosophy, to explain our problem-solving strategies and the ‘Safe Spaces’ program, and to set some individual goals for your child. This will be an informal process, but an important step as we get to know each other and build a strong community after such a major transition.


Food Service:


We will continue to provide a limited afternoon snack service until the kitchen is fully operational. We will serve packaged items such as granola bars, chips and salsa, and yogurt cups, as well as a serving of fruit or vegetables. Early morning snack will not be served until our kitchen is in full operation – we anticipate this to be at least the first two weeks of September. You are welcome to send food from home for your child to eat at JKC but please note that our centre is nut free – this includes peanuts as well as all tree nuts.


Footwear and extra clothes:


We would like to ask that all children have indoor shoes at JKC – we invite you to keep these shoes in your child’s cubby, or they can travel back and forth in your child’s back pack.


We would also like to have a spare set of clothes for each child in Kindergarten through Grade 3 (optional for grades 4-7, but you might appreciate dry socks on really mucky days!) in a labeled Ziploc bag.


Please include:

  • Pants
  • Underwear
  • Socks (one or two pairs)
  • T-shirt



Attendance and Release of Children:


It is essential that you let us know if your child will not be attending the program. We follow a thorough procedure when we cannot find a child, including phoning family members. Please call and leave us a message if your child is away, being picked up directly from school, or being picked up at JKC by someone other than yourself. We will not release children to anyone other than those listed as authorized pickups without your explicit directions. Having this information in advance greatly reduces the time we spend completing our sign in procedure and allows us to dive into our group time and project work with your children right away.


JKC General Gordon: 604-736-0566


We are looking forward to working with all of you as we iron out all of the wrinkles in this great big community transition. Here’s to (another) new and exciting time at JKC!


Kate Mitchell

Program Co-ordinator