Community Programs!


Jericho Kids’ Club offers after school extra-curricular programs for children aged 5 – 12 years old.  Since JKC has taken over Community Programs in 2005, parents and families have benefited from programs such as Skiddery Addery, Art Abroad, SK8 Club, Sizzling Science, Legomasters, Sew It Up!, Elementalz, Chess, Red Cross Babysitting and much, much more!


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A taste of what programs we offer…


Skiddery Addery: Come join the fun, learning lyrics, comedy and dance moves with the hottest background beats!

After School Adventures for Digital World Builders: Using the popular Minecraft video game kids work together in teams to explore virtual worlds, solve puzzles and build up digital communities with their teammates.



If you are an instructor looking to spread your talent to aspiring youth, please contact Wesley Wong at