Centre Updates

JKC Families,

Happy September! I hope you all had an exciting and relaxing summer break. My name is Molly Genner, and I’d like to start by introducing myself as one of Bayview’s newest coordinators, along with Rosalind Doak. I’ve been a program leader at JKC for a little over a year, and have greatly enjoyed getting to know the program and all of the wonderful people involved in it. I look forward to continuing to develop the enriching and exciting programs that our previous coordinators Cecily and Sarah have developed by offering a collaborative, judgement-free space that allows children to explore their curiosity, creativity and to feel safe in the centre. I look forward to seeing those of you who know me already, as well as getting to know those of you who do not. Communication is an important value for me, so I encourage you over the coming weeks to come to me with any questions, to share any ideas, or just to chat! Here’s to a great school year!

Molly Genner
Bayview Coordinator


Hello JKC Families,

Welcome back from summer break! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and are coming back refreshed and ready for the new school year.

For those of you I have yet to meet, my name is Rosalind Doak, (you can call me Ros) and I will be one of the new coordinators at Bayview, alongside Molly Genner. I have been a Program Leader with JKC for the last three years and I am excited to take on this new role.

I aim to maintain the ‘Safe-Spaces’ program, introduced by Sarah and Cecily, that promotes exploration of interests and curiosities in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. To continue to learn about the children and to adapt to their specific needs.

A vital part of my role at JKC, is to build and maintain relationships with both children and their families. I look forward to continuing the relationships with familiar faces and building new ones with our latest additions to the JKC community. I welcome families to come chat with me anytime! Your communication is key in keeping our program running smoothly. We appreciate your continued support and engagement at JKC. I look forward to a successful school year!

Rosalind Doak
Bayview Coordinator


Safe Spaces

We will continue to integrate and introduce new children to our ‘Safe Spaces’ curriculum in our program. At JKC, we hope to provide children with an environment that is nurturing, judgement- free and diverse. It is our goal that children feel safe and free to be themselves in our centre. We plan to introduce new JKC members to the safe spaces language, as well as the zones of regulation. We are excited to offer our ‘sensory areas’ in each program as a tool for children to use to take a break in a peaceful and calm setting. We plan to hang posters, pictures and cozy draping to create a home-like, comfortable environment for children. Additionally, staff will begin to integrate safe spaces language into group games and behavioural guidance sessions. We encourage parents to read through and familiarize with safe spaces language, and ask staff if you have any questions!


Sun Safety

What an amazing summer we’ve had! As the sun continues to shine on us, we will continue to ask children to apply sunscreen when playing in direct sunlight. JKC has a supply of SPF 30 sunscreen to offer, but we ask that if your child requires a higher SPF or hypoallergenic sunscreen that you leave a labelled bottle with staff, that will be stored in a locked cupboard. We also encourage the use of hats. Please let us know if you have any special requests regarding your child’s sun safety.



This is a reminder that JKC does not serve any food containing nuts or peanuts. To ensure the safety and well-being of all of the children in our centre, we encourage families to try and send children to JKC with peanut and nut free snacks. Should your child bring any foods containing nuts or peanuts, please let a staff member know so that we can ensure safe handling of the food.


Screen Time for Older Kids

We are excited to be able to integrate two hours of screen time a week in our centre for those children in the older kids program. Screen time will take place from 3:30 – 4:30 on Wednesdays and Fridays. Children are reminded that they are responsible for the safety of their own devices, and we ask that they read through the screen time social contract with parents before participating in screen time activity. Games played during this time must be rated for 12 years and under, and we ask that children do not take photos of themselves or other children in the centre. If you have any questions about screen time policies, please feel free to ask a staff!


Lice Reminders

This is a friendly reminder to regularly check your child’s head for lice, and please let us know if any unwelcome guests do appear! We encourage children not to share hats or other clothing.


Weapons Play

At JKC, we witness the amazing curiosity and creativity of our children every day. When staff observe weapons play, we aim to encourage creative learning in an environment that is respectful and safe. This means that staff will monitor and approve the content of the game, as well as what materials are used to construct the weapons. Children will discuss prior with staff who will be playing the game, in what space, and whether or not shooting each other is allowed, as well as what will happen if these terms are broken. This also means that no weapon will be pointed at anyone not involved in the game. Additionally, if children engage in weapons play in a way that is unsafe or unfriendly, they may be asked to stop the game.


Alternate Pick Up

Please let a staff member know if your child will not be attending JKC, whether they be away, sick, or being picked up directly from school. Additionally, please let a staff member know if your child will be picked up by an adult other than yourself. This may be in the form of an email, phone call, verbal communication directly to a staff member, or by filling out a special arrangement form at the centre. We follow a specific procedure should a child not show up, including calling family members. Pre-Authorized pick up and attendance notifications allow us to safely ensure the release of children, and jump right into our daily fun!

Please join our email list through the JKC website for updates on registration dates and other important information.


Molly Genner
Bayview Coordinator


Rosalind Doak
Bayview Coordinator