September 2016 Info

Hello Parents, We made it through the summer! Hope all of you did, too, none the worse for wear. With the new school year approaching just days away, we have some reminders and info here to help everyone transition. First off- Kindercare. All Kindercare families should have received an email on the 18th of August with our Kindercare gradual entry schedule. Basically, families are covered for all the times their children are not in school at Bayview, General Gordon, and Southlands. The hitch is that care is primarily at Bayview, especially during the first week. For General Gordon kids, this…

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2016 AGM & “Safe Spaces” Presentation

Jericho Kids’ Club Child Care Society would like to invite all parents or guardians of each child or family of children enrolled in the care of the Society, who have paid the annual membership fee, to join us on MONDAY JUNE 20th from 6:30pm – 8:00pm at the Bayview School Lunchroom for our 2016 Annual General Meeting and “Safe Spaces” Presentation.    Please click here for more information.        

Chickenpox at Bayview

Hi Bayview Parents, A heads up to all families that there are now six reported cases of chickenpox at Bayview school, and one at JKC. We are working with the school to confirm new cases as they appear.  To our knowledge, the school hasn’t yet declared “outbreak” status, but in circumstances such as these we suggest that children who are immunocompromised, unvaccinated, or have family members at home who are at risk (elderly relatives, newborns, pregnant mothers) stay home and not attend JKC until we can determine the outbreak has ceased. Our Parent Agreement (signed copies are in the files of all…

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September 2016 Member Re-registration!!

Big heads-up, here!!September 2016 member re-registration is opening on My 2nd, and will be open for only two weeks. Closing date is May 13th. Starting May 16th, we begin offering all unclaimed spots to our waitlisters. Things will be particularly competitive this year, with students returning to General Gordon, and all of the shifts that will take place surrounding that. I can’t stress enough- if we do not have your re-registration by the time I get in on the morning of the 16th (7am), then it is late, and may not be honoured.Forms will be available on the website beginning…

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Very Important- Summer and September Registration Reminder

Hi Everyone, Please remember that Early Bird registration for the summer program ends tomorrow. All Early Bird registrations must be submitted before the end of the day on Friday the 22nd. Anything submitted after that will be returned to the families, and must be re-submitted with the new forms and at the new rate. And- the following Monday (May 2nd) has our current members re-registering for September 2016. This will be open until the 13th, at which time the same principle applies- we will waitlist all current members submitting re-registrations late behind our waitlisted families. Do not be late. Please…

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Important Dates for Summer and September Re-registration

Hello Parents, Some important dates- For Currently Registered Members: Early Bird Summer reg open April 8th, and goes until April 22nd. After the 22nd, all registrations received will be at the full rate and subject to competition for space (i.e. not guaranteed). September 2016 re-registration opens May 2nd, and closes May 13th. As with the above, any re-reg received after the deadline may be waitlisted behind incoming members already on our waitlist. For General Public/ New JKC Families/ Non-regularly Registered Members (e.g. Drop-in Only): Summer reg opens April 25th, and will remain open until spaces are filled. September 2016 reg will…

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Spring Break Registration

Hi Parents, Heads up that Week One of Spring Break is full! Aside from a spot or two for last minute drop-ins (from cancellations), we can’t take any more kids. Thank you to all who got their registrations in early, and to those that are still out there, I’ll do my best to fit you in, but it doesn’t look good. As for Week Two, we still have a few full week spots, but they are going fast. Again- get your forms in soon if you haven’t already. Find info on the banner with the blue button above. Beau.

Spring Break Member Registration 2016

Hello Parents, For all those champing at the bit-  Spring Break registration for members with current registrations begins on Tuesday, February 8th.  Forms will be available in the Bayview program today, and other programs Tuesday, but none will be received until after the weekend. Please keep an eye on the website this weekend. Our webmaster will be updating the site with the form, and it will likely be the blue button on the top banner. With it will be the “Weeks at a Glance” to answer some programming questions. Non-member registration will begin on February 22nd, at which time we…

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2015 Tax Receipts

Hi Everyone, 2015 Tax receipts have been automatically generated, addressed to the child’s registering parent/primary payer (an internal system limitation), and emailed out. Please check your junk mail, and/or your partner’s/co-parent’s email if you haven’t received one. There are a few that have bounced back via email, and other’s that we’ve held for further review. If you have any questions regarding your receipt, please do not hesitate to call or email. Regards, Beau.  

Heads up Spring Break Registration and Community Programs

Hello Parents, A heads up for Spring Break registration- current members’ reg will open February 9th, and all others’ reg will be Feb 22nd. All events, guests, field trips, etc. are still being finalized. A full schedule will be available when registration opens. You will be able to find forms on the website (probably the blue button on the top banner) and in the program. And Community Programs registration is underway at Bayview. Paper flyers are available in the program or outside the school office. Com Prog questions can go directly to Sarah Krahn (Older Kids and CP coordinator) at…

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