2015 Tax Receipts

Hi Everyone, 2015 Tax receipts have been automatically generated, addressed to the child’s registering parent/primary payer (an internal system limitation), and emailed out. Please check your junk mail, and/or your partner’s/co-parent’s email if you haven’t received one. There are a few that have bounced back via email, and other’s that we’ve held for further review. If you have any questions regarding your receipt, please do not hesitate to call or email. Regards, Beau.  

Heads up Spring Break Registration and Community Programs

Hello Parents, A heads up for Spring Break registration- current members’ reg will open February 9th, and all others’ reg will be Feb 22nd. All events, guests, field trips, etc. are still being finalized. A full schedule will be available when registration opens. You will be able to find forms on the website (probably the blue button on the top banner) and in the program. And Community Programs registration is underway at Bayview. Paper flyers are available in the program or outside the school office. Com Prog questions can go directly to Sarah Krahn (Older Kids and CP coordinator) at…

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Winter Break and Additional Pro-d Days

Hi Parents, First off, Winter Break registration is open. We are doing well for space available, so if you haven’t got your registration in, do it soon! It opens to the public on Monday! Secondly, The district has announced two new pro-d days in the spring- March 4th and April 15th- to school the teachers on curriculum changes. These are on top of the original days, and were not covered in our annual budget. The Board has decided to cover these days this time (i.e. no additional charge to parents), as they were unexpected to all. High five a board…

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Winter Break Registration Teaser

Hello Parents, Heads up- Winter Break registration will open for currently registered families on November 23rd. Non-members, or those who do not have current regular (i.e. not drop-in) registrations will have to wait until December 7th to register. Care will be provided on December 21st, 22nd, and 23rd only. Schedules will be available at time of registration, but we’ve tentatively booked centre days with guests and/or activities for the 21st and 23rd, and a field trip on the 22nd. All care will be at Bayview, and regular hours (7:30am – 6pm) apply. Rates will be available at time of registration…

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On October 19th, Vote Childcare!

Check this out!  10aDay.ca has assessed each of the major federal party’s election platforms to determine how they will help BC implement the $10aDay Plan. The differences are striking! Help BC families now. Share this information. Encourage friends & family to vote.  Vote Child Care! Click Here for the Full Report  

JKC at the GG Annex and Main

October Happenings We are well into our second month of the school year and we’ve been so busy! Our groups at both centres are settling into routines and we are beginning to get a sense of where the children’s’ interests will take us. We have observed a strong desire to ‘collect and share’ whether it is Shopkins, Pokemon, or items found in nature.  Our pursuit here is to find items, categorize them, and share ideas and opinions in a social setting. As the children have demonstrated, the possibilities are endless when it comes to collecting! Friday, October 23, Pro D…

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All Centres’ Lunches and GG Main Schedule Update

Hello Parents, First, to all centres- Lunch on Tuesday will not be provided. Afternoon snack will be in place, but all families must provide their own lunches for that day. Second, to GG Main School families- Our initial information on school times for Tuesday the 8th was incorrect. Thanks to the parents who alerted us to this. It turns out that school will be from 11am-12pm on Tuesday. In response to this, we will operate on-site at the main from 9am to 11am, and noon until 5:30 when the bus will take the remaining kids to Bayview (for our 6pm…

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September 2015 Info- Buses and KG Gradual Entry

Two Important Bits of Info: One- we will continue last year’s practice of morning and evening buses to and from QE and QE Annex. Schedule as follows, Tuesday September 8th PM bus only. Times below. Regular Ongoing Schedule 2015 Wednesday September 9th – December 18th AM                  One bus @ 8:20am (approximately 25 children) From Bayview School: 2251 Collingwood Street Vancouver V6R 3L1 To first drop at Queen Elizabeth School: 4102 West 16th Avenue V6R 3E3 Second drop at Queen Elizabeth Annex: 4275 Crown Street V6S 2K3 PM One small bus – double pick-up and drop-off: 1st run @ 5:10pm From…

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September 2015 Member Re-registration Now Open

Hello Parents, September 2015 member re-registration is now open until May 15th. This means that now is your opportunity to reclaim your child(ren)’s spaces for next school year. Current registrations are not renewed automatically.After the cut-off date, we will offer all remaining spaces to those families on our waitlist. Please also be aware that re-registration is based on your current care arrangement. Any changes in registration (e.g. three days per week to full-time, and vice versa) will potentially be waitlisted. Details are on the forms. You can either download them here, or grab a paper copy in the programs. Please feel free…

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GG Pro-d Day Plans for April 27

General Gordon at the Main – The group will be embarking on a geocaching roadtrip! Our first stop will be Granville Island, where we know a number of geocaches are hidden. We will then make our way back to the Main by public transit – stopping to find a few more treasures along the way. Please come weather-ready and with a packed lunch and snacks for the day. General Gordon at the Annex – We will be hunting for some geocaches, too! These caches are located within walking distance of the centre, so do come ready for all types of…

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